The Motumundi Prize is awarded annually to a person who, with his commitment and his professional activity in Italy or in the world, has been able to offer his knowledge for the protection of the environment and the climate, but also for the protection of the health of the man and the animal kingdom and, this, supporting a more complete human and social formation. A person who is an “exceptional testimonial” of a behavioral model and a lifestyle.

Motumundi prize

The 2023 Motumundi Prize was awarded to Simonetta Cheli, the first woman to head the Earth observation programs of ESA (European Space Agency). In previous editions of the festival, the Motumundi Prize was awarded to Maria Cristina Fossi, an internationally renowned scientist who provided the first evidence in the world of the effects of microplastics on whales, Alice Imbastari, 12 years old, environmentalist and climate activist, Filippo Giorgi, climatologist and 2007 Nobel Peace Prize winner together with Al Gore.

The artist, philanthropist and activist Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner, aka Sting, was awarded the Motumundi Humanity Prize in 2020. Sting, who created the Rainforest Foundation in 1987, has been at the forefront of raising awareness around the world about preserving the Amazon rainforest for decades.

Green four-leaf clover

The Green Quadrifoglio is awarded to a person committed to promoting the best practices of environmental sustainability, as well as economic ones in agricultural companies, or to those who are committed to promoting, through communication and dissemination, the protection and defense of the Planet. In 2023 the Quadrifoglio Green was awarded to the director of the Albola Castle Alessandro Gallo, a winemaker with ancient traditions and custodian of the knowledge that has been handed down for generations, as well as an example of respect for the environment as a heritage of humanity. The first winner of the Quadrifoglio Green was Cecilia Primerano, journalist of Tg1 RAI, who has always shown interest and curiosity towards the new frontiers of climate change, also giving substance to the new environmental journalism sector.