The Senate of the Republic is a legislative assembly which, together with the Chamber of Deputies, constitutes the Italian Parliament. The two branches of Parliament, or also called Chambers, relate according to a perfect bicameral system, that is, they carry out the same functions to an equal degree, even if separately.

The Chamber of Deputies is the legislative assembly, together with the Senate of the Republic, it makes up the Italian Parliament. Established in 1948, it takes up the similar body inherited from the Kingdom of Italy in 1861 known until the Unification as the Chamber of Deputies of the Kingdom of Sardinia. Today the Chamber is made up of 400.

The Ministry of the Environment and Energy Security operates in the protection of the territory and water resources, terrestrial and marine ecosystems, animal and plant species at risk, in the reclamation of areas and waterways, in the reduction of sources of pollution and the emission of climate-changing gases.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation has the task of implementing Italy’s foreign policy and representing the country in the context of international relations. Attention is paid to political, economic, social and cultural relations, as well as to relations with other states.

The Academy of Sciences of Siena known as de’ Fisiocritici is one of the oldest scientific institutions in Italy. In the eighteenth century it had enormous prestige in cultural circles throughout Europe. The Academy is today an all-round cultural space: it also hosts and organizes concerts, theatrical performances, exhibitions and is home to children’s campuses.