The National Associated Press Agency is the first multimedia information agency in Italy and the fifth in the world after Reuters, AP, AFP and EFE. It was founded in 1945 in Rome.

La Nazione is the main newspaper in Florence. Founded on 13 July 1859, it is distributed throughout the national territory, but is particularly widespread in Tuscany, Umbria and in the Ligurian province of La Spezia. Last year it celebrated 160 years of life.

RTV 38 is the first broadcaster born in Tuscany and was the first in the region, and among the first in Italy, to have a program that covered all 24 hours. During the years of the transition to digital, RTV 38 managed to conquer the primacy over other local and regional television broadcasters in terms of audience and appreciation of information work. A leading position that continues to persist even in the current context in which people’s lives are conditioned by new technologies and in which their attention is directed to multiple platforms, in addition to television.