CSAI is a Tuscan company with public-private capital that operates in the integrated waste cycle and in the production of electricity from renewable sources. Since its foundation it has shown attention to young people, the same young people who are the protagonists of Mutumundi. In 2012, it launched an ideas competition to find a corporate mascot that could assist and integrate the logo in campaigns and communication initiatives: the ladybug was chosen and has become the official mascot of the company in all respects.


Enel is an energy multinational and one of the main global integrated electricity and gas operators. The Group is present in over 30 countries in 5 continents with 88 GW of managed capacity for the production of energy, as well as a 2.2 million km network for the distribution of electricity and gas with 74 million customers worldwide. Enel is committed to six of the 17 UN sustainable development goals: access to energy, support for education, contribution to the socio-economic development of communities, promotion of innovation, responsible industrialization and resilient infrastructures , as well as the creation of sustainable cities and the fight against climate change.