The Honorable Roberto Morassut, Undersecretary of the Ministry of the Environment, will be a guest at the first edition of the festival on climate and environment called Motumundi, scheduled from 15 to 18 October next in Tuscany.

Morassut, will be on the stage of the Teatro Comunale di Cavriglia, Friday 16 October, at 9 pm. “Our country is characterized by great fragility from the hydrogeological point of view, of soil consumption and environmental pollution – declared the undersecretary – The priority is to give back the territory to citizens quickly and with certainty, and in the Collegato Ambientale, on which we are working, we aim to simplify the legislation and optimize the operating procedures to use resources effectively “.

Roberto Morassut, who is the only undersecretary of the Ministry of the Environment, deals with the policies of environmental remediation, reclamation, hydrogeological instability and soil consumption. Morassut is also responsible for nuclear policy and is in charge of relations with the National Inspectorate for Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection (Isin). It also deals with space policies and aerospace research, with policies on the prevention and reduction of electromagnetic pollution, with the mandate to chair the Interministerial Committee for the prevention and reduction of electromagnetic pollution. Hon. Morassut is also responsible for relations with the Senate and the Chamber.

16 October at 21.00

The Municipal Theater of Cavriglia
Piazza Enrico Berlingue, 1, 52022 Cavriglia AR


Federico Vozza
Scientific Secretariat Motumundi
Tel. 055.966971